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Do you need more clients
for your service business?

Would you like to get paid
more for your services?

If you answered "yes" to either or both of these questions, we've got good news for you.

For the first time ever, a new program reveals powerful insider's secrets for making your service business as profitable as you've always known it should be.

This program -- written by Bob Serling, the world's leading expert on low-cost, high-profit marketing -- presents an entirely new approach to marketing your services, called Reverse Marketing, that actually gets prospects to come to you instead of you soliciting their business. Because "warm" prospects who contact you are 10 times more likely to convert to paying clients than "cold" prospects.

"Bob's Reverse Marketing techniques completely turned my business around. Clients are calling us like crazy. Sales are up by over 100% in  just 5 weeks and we're scrambling to hire extra staff to keep up with all the  new business."

Tracy Buhler, President
United Seminars, Inc.

A Little Background --
And An All-Too-Common Problem

As a marketing consultant, Bob Serling has enjoyed a healthy six-figure income for the past 16 years by keeping a steady flow of clients coming into his practice. And he takes great pride in the fact that many other providers of professional services have used his services to build thriving, growing practices.

Through his work with other service professionals, Bob came to recognize a serious problem common to so many of their businesses:

Most service professionals don't earn anywhere
near as much as they'd like to.

In fact, the vast majority of service professionals struggle just to pay their bills from month to month.

The Dangerous Myth That's Costing You A Fortune

The funny thing is, Bob found that when he would talk with service professionals who were barely making ends meet, they were always baffled by why their practices were doing so poorly.

In fact, they didn't have a clue. And that really makes sense when you consider the dangerous bill of goods you've been sold throughout college, graduate school, and all during your professional life.

Colleges and professional associations teach you that technical competence is everything. And that the spoils go to those service professionals with the best skills.

But let me ask you something: Is this how it really works in the real world where you compete for business every day?

Of course not. If skill level was really the answer, you'd already be as successful as you want to be.

Here's another way to look at it. If skill level is the key to success, how come some of your competitors who have just average skills are running highly profitable, thriving practices?

The Secret To Building A Thriving, Million-Dollar Professional Service Business

Building a million-dollar professional service practice is actually much simpler than you can imagine.

I'm going to let you in on a powerful secret. There is one thing, and one thing only, that sets successful service professionals apart from their less successful colleagues...

Successful service professionals understand that the key
to building a thriving practice is effective marketing

Because regardless of how exceptional your skills may be, if you can't keep a steady stream of clients coming through your doors, you'll never be as successful as you'd really like to be.

Fortunately, there's a powerful solution to this financially damaging problem. Bob Serling has developed a new program that's guaranteed to get you an ongoing flow of new clients and substantially increase repeat business with your existing clients. This program is called How To Market Your Way To A Million-Dollar Professional Service Practice.

What makes this program so different, and so much more successful, than traditional marketing? It's a unique approach called Reverse Marketing. An approach that actually gets clients to seek you out rather than you soliciting their business. This approach is dignified, simple to implement, and works like nothing else you've ever seen.

"...the practical Reverse Marketing techniques shared
have significantly increased revenues and profits for our business.

Sales are up by over 40% in just 3 months and we've only
implemented a third of your strategies so far!"

Randall Evenson, President
Evenson & Associates

Great News For People Who Hate Marketing

Do you hate the very idea of marketing? We don't blame you. What most people call marketing is really nothing more than thinly veiled "hucksterism." But the great news is, that type of slick approach does not work to effectively market professional services.

Instead, every Reverse Marketing technique is consistent with the professional way you conduct your business. Plus, these highly successful techniques are remarkably easy to use right from the start.

There are no cold calls, no lurid ads, no relying on professional associations to generate leads for you, and no sub-contracting to larger firms. That's because How To Market Your Way To A Million-Dollar Professional Service Practice is an altogether different approach to marketing. And it's extremely effective -- so effective, that other service professionals who have used these little-known techniques tell me they now see no upward limit to their increased client base and profits.

In a minute, I'll give you the complete details on how these little-known secrets can build your client roster to overflowing in record time. But first, I'm going to let some of the service professionals Bob has helped to build thriving practices tell you in their own words how successful the techniques in this program have been for them.

Here's How Profitable These Strategies And Techniques
Have Been -- In Hard Dollars And Cents!

The following case studies will give you a better handle on how easy it really is to substantially grow your business quickly, safely, and with very little expense:

     Derek D'Angiolini is a professional in the financial services industry. Although his practice was reasonably successful, he knew his business had the potential to capture a greater market share and increase its profitability.

"One simple strategy alone -- that took me all of five minutes to apply -- increased my day-to-day profits by a hefty 38%. Other strategies have kept my business in a continuing growth cycle, to the point where my profits have more than doubled."

Derek D'Angiolini, President
Ashland Equities, Inc.

     Don Alm is an advertising consultant who was looking to increase his profits fast.

"You crystallized my thinking. As the result of just one of your techniques, I was able to make an instant $14,857! Thanks for your wisdom."

Don Alm, Owner
Advantage Marketing

     Dr. Michael Anderson teaches other health professionals practice management and patient retention strategies. An excellent marketer in his own right, here's what he has to say about the profitable effect of these strategies.

"A+. I am expecting at least a 200% growth in my business!"

Dr. Michael Anderson, President
Anderson Seminars

     Brad Petersen runs a highly successful direct marketing agency. Even with his extensive knowledge of successful marketing, he was able to use this new approach to grow his profits substantially.

"Your advice has already put an extra $40,000 in my pocket in less than a year!"

Brad Petersen, President
Petersen Direct

     Brian Keith Voiles is one of the best-known direct response copywriters in the business today. Few people know that much of the rapid success Brian has enjoyed can be attributed to the strategies and techniques in this program.

"In just three years my business has grown from $32,000 in annual sales to just over $114,000 in the first nine months of this year. None of this would have ever happened if it weren't for your generosity in sharing your advice and valuable information with me."

Brian Keith Voiles, President
Brian Keith and Company

     Gary Halbert is recognized as one of the top direct response copywriters in the world. He's well known for many famous, highly successful direct marketing campaigns, including a sales letter that has been mailed over 700 million times! Here's Gary's take on these strategies.

"Within the first 15 minutes, I got one idea worth at least $100,000 in profit."

Gary Halbert
The Gary Halbert Letter

     Pamela Yellen offers sales and marketing training to a variety of industries. She recently used some of these techniques to create a more effective lead generation program and improve the conversion ratio of leads to sales. The overall gain was a phenomenal boost in profits of nearly 300%.

"We couldn't be happier with the increases we've gained by acting on your advice. Judging by the phenomenal results, you might think that these ideas are high-tech or difficult to implement. Nothing could be further from the truth. They are simple, practical, and extremely easy to use."

Pamela Yellen, CEO
Prospecting & Marketing Institute, Inc.

You could be getting similar or even better results. All it takes is applying a few of the simple, innovative Reverse Marketing techniques you'll discover in How To Market Your Way To A Million Dollar Professional Services Practice.

Everything you need to know to quickly and safely build a thriving, million dollar practice is revealed in complete, step-by-step detail. Here's an overview of what's included in this comprehensive program:

Here Are The Advantages You'll Gain

  • How to bring a constant, steady flow of new clients into your business. Discover how to use powerful Reverse Marketing techniques to get hundreds, even thousands of clients to come to you instead of you soliciting their business. Clients who contact you first are already predisposed to buy from you -- so your sales and profits increase dramatically with less advertising expense and effort.

  • Discover the simple secret to increasing your sales by 50%, 100%, and far more in the next 6 to 12 months. This set of powerful, yet simple techniques is so grounded in common sense, you'll kick yourself for not having recognized them sooner.

  • Why the real money in any business is in repeat sales to your existing clients. Ever wonder how book and CD clubs can give you your first selections free and all following selections at substantial discounts and still make money? The truth is, they're profiting like crazy. You'll discover why repeat sales are the easiest, most inexpensive sales to make. And you'll get a complete toolkit for maximizing this powerful strategy for your own business.

  • A simple, foolproof way to predetermine whether any ad or promotion you're considering using will be a success or failure before you ever invest a dime in it. Now you can bring in all the new business you need without wasting money needlessly.

  • Discover what clients really buy. This shocking secret can turn your business around in a hurry. Like a ship without a rudder, if you don't understand and apply this principle, your business will drift aimlessly.

  • How the myth of "having the best service" can flatten your sales. Why do so many businesses that offer excellent services fail or barely manage to make ends meet from month to month? And why do some of your competitors, whose services can't hold a candle to yours, sell more than you do? Because to thrive in business, you must be able to market effectively. Discover how to build an efficient marketing engine that consistently drives your sales and profits to new levels.

  • Proven ways to multiply the results you get from every dollar you spend on marketing, sales, and promotions. You'll never have to settle for a lukewarm, one-to-one return again. Every marketing dollar you spend will now do the job of 3, 5, or 10 dollars.

  • Learn how an ingenious technique called "shifting-the-risk" can result in very real sales increases of as much as 400% for almost any service imaginable. This is one of the simplest, safest techniques for getting as many new clients as you can possibly handle.

  • How to create a riveting Core Benefit Statement and use it to double your client base in record time. Take this quick quiz: In one sentence, write down the core benefit you give your clients that no one else does. Can't do it? Then you're cheating yourself out of your full profit potential.

  • How to save huge sums on all your ads and promotions. Using these techniques can often slash your advertising costs by 20 to 80 percent.

  • A crash course in writing powerful advertising copy. Most advertising copy is weak and ineffective. But a powerful, ethical approach called "client-sells-client" copy makes sure you get the kind of copy that pulls prospects in, makes them want to read every word, and converts them to paying clients.

  • Discover why dirt-cheap "low-tech" research vastly outperforms complex, time-consuming methods. You'll find out how to quickly and easily determine the real reasons why people buy from you -- and how to use that key information to bring even more new clients and dramatically increase your profits.

  • Referrals are the most effective way to get highly qualified leads for your business. Discover a simple, dignified way to get both active and inactive clients, other businesses, even prospects who never do business with you to send you as many referrals as you can handle.

  • A simple, five-minute change in your advertising copy can bring in tons of new business and result in windfall profits. Once you know exactly how and when to make this change, the sky's the limit.

  • How to find at least four new pockets of profit hidden within your business, and capitalize on them immediately. You could start banking these untapped profits in a matter of days.

  • Want to sell more of your services? Here's a secret you should know: Credibility is the crucial factor in the selling of any service. Discover how to get and effectively use all the credibility you'll ever need. Plus, how to ethically "borrow" another company's credibility and use it to sell tons of your services.

  • WARNING: One seemingly innocent marketing situation can flatten your sales and put you out of business in short order. Learn how to identify it before it happens and avoid it like the plague.

  • How to convert clients from being one-shot buyers into eager, repeat clients who buy from you again and again. Your business will experience a quantum leap in growth when you know how to upgrade clients from a single sale to a steady stream of ongoing, repeat business.

  • How to weed out and systematically "fire" clients who are difficult, don't value your services, or don't pay on time. And how to replace them with high-quality clients who are a pleasure to do business with.

  • What L.L Bean knows that not one business owner in a thousand is aware of. Once you understand this breakthrough concept and apply it to your own marketing, you'll be able to run circles around your competition.

  • Free publicity has turned many small businesses into huge corporations almost overnight (remember the Pet Rock?). You'll get complete details on using this invaluable form of marketing on both local and national levels to add major profits to your bottom line.

  • Discover seven powerful words that will turn your marketing around completely. This single concept alone will completely alter the way you view marketing. You'll shed old, useless procedures and streamline your marketing to a finely-tuned source of perpetual profits.

  • Master a simple, fast-acting technique that turns client complaints and refund requests into big profits for your business.

  • Gain an amazingly simple, solid technique that will put an immediate end to slow periods in your business -- even when times are tough!

  • How to use upgrade sales to reap the untapped profits hidden in your business. This technique is so easy to use, you can have it up and bringing in untapped profits in just twenty minutes. Plus, it's absolutely foolproof. I've never seen any business that used it fail to increase their profits. You'll get all the nuts-and-bolts details with specific examples of how to use it to start selling more of your services right away.

  • A little-known strategy that lets you dominate market share in any target market. Prospects and clients will now see you as the key resource in your field. So they won't even consider buying from anyone else... and they'll refer business associates, friends, neighbors, and relatives to you like crazy.

  • Discover how to mine the profits hidden in your client base -- without any "hard sell" tactics whatsoever. You'll learn how to do tens of thousands dollars more business with your clients -- and have them thank you for it.

  • Rocket your sales up another level with endorsed marketing. You'll get simple, proven endorsement techniques with detailed examples you can easily adapt to capitalize on your market. These powerful techniques alone, almost never used by the vast majority of businesses, could easily put an end to weak sales volume forever. Using the examples provided in the program, you can have this technique up and bringing in new sales in one week.

  • How to quickly determine which target markets have the best potential for you. Don't waste time and money on shallow markets. This technique makes sure you're getting maximum return for all your marketing efforts.

  • How to become the recognized leader in your industry. It's far easier than you might think and the impact on your bottom line can be immense.

  • Do you make the two most dangerous mistakes that can easily sabotage your advertising and marketing? Find out if they're damaging your business and learn how to put an end to them forever.

  • Supercharge your direct mail. Most direct mail strategies get 1/2 to 1% response. That doesn't cut it in today's competitive marketplace. You'll learn everything you need to know to consistently get an impressive 4% to 13% response -- and not for prospects requesting more information, but for actual clients who are ready to engage your services.

  • Discover how to create a powerful Core Benefit Statement that will place you head and shoulders above all your competition, resulting in more new clients, increased repeat business with existing clients, and a steady stream of highly qualified referrals.

  • Profit from "Instant Expertise" Information Products. Find out how to create a complete information product in three hours or less that will generate a steady flow of highly qualified leads in any industry.

  • Increase your sales with the Reverse Marketing Profit Ladder. Here's a simple, dignified tool for quickly upgrading prospects from "just interested" to paying clients.

  • Add a lucrative income stream to your business with Sponsored Expertise. Find out how to get strategic partners to promote your services to hundreds of highly qualified prospective clients. Plus, how to insure that your sponsoring partners use the exact message you want to maximize your sales and profits.

  • Sell more of your services with Showcase Seminars. This is an ingenious way to get prospects to actually pay you to decide whether they want to do business with you. I'll also show you how to get the maximum number of your attendees to line up and buy your services right away.

  • Get impressive results with Reversed Perspective Advertising. Nothing will kill your advertising efforts quicker than the traditional approach to creating ads, prospecting letters, and sales letters. Reversed Perspective Advertising is a unique method that eliminates the most common problems from traditional advertising and makes all your advertising much more effective. Never settle for disappointing results again!

  • Plus much, much more!

Stop Spinning Your Wheels --
The Success You've Worked
So Hard To Achieve Can Now Be Yours

That's a partial overview of the program. There's actually much more than we have room to cover in this letter, but we;re sure you get the picture.

The important point is this: There is now a dignified, easy-to-use program you can use to achieve the success you really deserve. How To Market Your Way To A Million-Dollar Professional Service Practice gives you the proven, practical tools you need to double or triple your client base.

The Reverse Marketing strategies and techniques have helped service professionals in a wide variety of disciplines to increase their sales and profits. These techniques have been successfully used by consultants... financial professionals... accountants... computer professionals... baseball and basketball coaches... professional speakers... investment counselors... heating and air conditioning service companies... insurance agents... mortgage brokers... marketing consultants... sales trainers... motivational trainers... web site designers... physical therapists... chiropractors... seminar presenters... graphic artists... and more. Bottom line, these techniques work for marketing nearly any service imaginable.

And the Reverse Marketing techniques work equally well for all sizes of companies ranging from start-ups to medium-size businesses to Fortune 500 corporations. Whether you're a complete beginner at marketing your services or a seasoned pro, this program will give you a powerful arsenal of tools for bringing in, and keeping, a steady stream of high-quality clients.

With that in mind, let's take a look at all of the components of the program.

Here's What's Included In This Innovative Program

This in-depth program gives you a multitude of powerful advantages. You get everything I've just covered above, plus much more, in the following components:

How To Market Your Way To A Million Dollar Professional Services Practice

This comprehensive, 288-page manual is the foundation of the entire program. Everything I've just shown you is covered in complete detail. Most marketing material tells you what to do and very little else. That's not the case here. Not only are you told what to do, the reasoning behind every step you take is thoroughly explained. And, most important of all, you are given complete step-by-step details showing you precisely how to carry out each step.

In addition, the manual has dozens of actual ads, lead generation pieces, marketing plans, and other marketing documents that have sold millions of dollars worth of professional services. You're free to copy them, change them, or use them any way you want to be as successful as possible in your own professional service practice.

That in itself is quite a lot. But it's just the tip of the iceberg. You see, Bob has put together the most comprehensive package you could ever ask for. Nothing has been left for you to wonder about. Take a look at these business-building bonuses:

BONUS #1: Convenient Answers To All Your Questions

Even with everything you get, because this information is so new to you, you may still have questions you'd like answered. Here's a powerful solution.

Bob recorded four hours on audio CD of live questions and answers with other service professionals just like you who have used this remarkable program to achieve the success they deserve. Just like you, they had little or no background in marketing.

You'll get four full hours of audio featuring just about every question and answer you could possibly think of. Everything from the best ways to start marketing your services... to how to get dozens of highly qualified clients to contact you... actual Ideal Customer Profiles... shortcuts to powerful Core Benefit Statements... how to increase your rates without losing a single client... dignified lead generation techniques that work like magic... selling your services on the web... which marketing techniques to use for almost every situation imaginable... dozens of tips, strategies, and techniques for making your practice as profitable as possible... plus much, much more than we possibly have room to list here.

This 4-CD program is called Secrets Of Successfully Marketing Your Professional Services. On its own, this powerful program sells for $137. But it's yours free as part of this comprehensive program.

BONUS #2: The Million Dollar Practice Advertising Arsenal

This is a huge collection of all the ads, sales letters, promotions, telephone scripts, press releases, joint venture agreements, and everything else you'll ever need to fuel your million-dollar professional services practice. These are actual, successful marketing pieces, not some hypothetical textbook examples.

Each piece has been used to produce hundreds of thousands of dollars in real business. You also get a complete guide with precise instructions for how and when to use each powerful marketing piece. On its own, this powerful resource will pay you back many times over the entire cost of the program. And normally, it's priced at $175. But you get it free as part of the program package.

BONUS #3: Opportunity Cycle Selling

This special report reveals a unique method for making sure you're in front of your clients when they want to buy, not just when you want to sell. Studies have shown that 80% of all clients buy the service they inquire about -- but not from the original firm they first spoke to. That's because most service professionals drop a prospect who isn't ready to buy right away.

If you market this way, you're missing out on an immense, untapped resource. Opportunity Cycle Selling is a simple, inexpensive way to guide your prospects up the selling ladder -- from suspect to prospect to long-term client.

BONUS #4: The Quick-Start Guide To
Marketing Your Professional Services

After seeing everything you get so far, you may be asking yourself, "Where do I start? How do I know which techniques will actually work best for marketing my services?"

Don't worry, Bob's got you covered. This special guide is specifically designed to give you a simple step-by-step approach for doubling your client base in just six to twelve months. Bob has taken all the guess work out of it for you. You get a detailed, easy-to-implement plan that will let you hit the ground running and start increasing your profits from day one.

It's Easy To Get Started

Getting started couldn't be easier. The cost of this business-building program is just $175. That includes the comprehensive course manual and all 4 bonuses.

Even though the price is extremely reasonable (about the cost of dinner for two at a four-star restaurant), here's what's really important. If this program was just another set of telemarketing, cold calling, beat-the-pavement-and-hope-for-the-best techniques that leave you broke and frustrated, it wouldn't matter what the price was.

But if you can get a steady new stream of new clients, double or triple your revenues, and continue to grow your practice year after year for as long as you're in business, what is that actually worth to you?

We can't put an exact dollar figure on it for you -- only you can do that. But we can tell you this: at $175, this program could very possibly be the best bargain and the best investment you'll ever make.

To get on track to making your practice as profitable as possible,

We'll "Sweeten The Deal" Even More -- We Invite You
To Put All Of The Risk Entirely On Us

Now, in case you have any lingering doubts whatsoever, we want to make it foolproof for you. You see, we completely guarantee that these Reverse Marketing techniques will build your service business like nothing else you've ever seen.

You've already heard what Bob's clients have to say about how much they've profited. So here's what we'd like you to do. Use these techniques for yourself for one full year with no risk whatsoever. The risk is completely ours.

You can "test drive" every one of these proven techniques as many times as you like. Since all of them are easy and cost very little to put into action, it will be a breeze to get in dozens of no-cost or low-cost tests.

Your Success Is Completely Backed
By Our No-Nonsense Guarantee

     If you apply just a few of these techniques and they don't perform every bit as well as we've promised... if you don't produce thousands of dollars in extra profit you never would have seen without this program... if you're ever unhappy with the program for any reason... we will promptly write you a check refunding every cent you invested. And all of the bonuses are yours to keep.

By the way, this guarantee is in effect up until the final minute of the final day of the 12 month guarantee period. That's how confident we are that Bob Serling's Reverse Marketing techniques will change forever the way you market your practice and contribute mightily to your bottom line.

"I'm blown away! Even though I'm just a few sections into the program, I've already received much more than I paid. The detailed, practical material has given me dozens of solid ideas for taking my business to the next level. Thanks so much for delivering on your promises."

Todd Beeler, Owner
Focus On Sales of Savannah, GA

Don't Settle For Less Than What You Should Be Making
-- Do Something About It Today

Now that you know what's possible, you'll never again have to struggle to make a decent living even though you deliver excellent services.

You can now get all the highly-qualified clients you need to come to you... you can close far more sales without resorting to undignified, high-pressure tactics... you can regain control of your practice so you're running your business rather than it running you... you can take more vacation time and have more time to spend doing the things you really enjoy.

In short, you can restore the joy of doing business and pay yourself handsomely all in the same bargain.

Don't wait. Take a minute and place your order today. Let's get started right now on making your practice a million-dollar practice!


Your Friends at

P.S. Remember, we completely guarantee your success. Which means that this innovative program really doesn't cost you anything. The entire fee will actually be paid back to you many times over just by applying a few of the simple Reverse Marketing techniques.

Think of it this way. If you get just one new client using this program, you'll have covered the entire cost of the program many times over. And if you could get one or two new clients a month? The return on investment is enormous!

We both know you do an excellent job of providing your service. Isn't it time you started making what you're truly worth?

Place your order right now to start realizing the true potential of your practice.

Questions or Comments? - Contact Us!

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