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Mark Joyner’s Farewell Package

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We have FIVE (5) , FOUR (4) copies of this incredible package available.

Once they gone - they're gone FOREVER.

Even if all you have right now is a computer, an internet connection, a single eye to see the monitor and a single finger to press the keys, this package has ALL you need to build an internet business that will allow you to succeed beyond what you believe is possible.

If you already have an internet business, the 20 hours of audio interviews will give you what you need to know to skyrocket to success.

You owe it to yourself - and your future - to read what Mark Joyner himself has to say about it below:

From Mark Joyner:

What would you do if you knew exactly how I created my multi-million dollar success - and had the exact tools I used to do it? Start your own MLM empire? Grow your email list by tens (or even hundreds) of thousands of prospects and subscribers? Recruit hundreds of thousands of affiliates to sell your products for you?

Now you can, because...

I'm Leaving the Internet Marketing Game
and... I'm Giving Away The Store!

My secrets, my software (including the source code!),
resale rights, sales letters ... everything.

Yep. I'm moving on, but I find myself sitting here with an incredible array of products, tools and techniques that cost me over a million dollars to create. I simply have no use for them where I'm headed. So, I've decided to give a very small group of you an offer that no one else can make... because it would put them out of business!

I'm Going to Give You All the Tools I Used to Build a Multi-Million Dollar Virtual Empire

No one else can give you the real secrets that created their super success. If they did, their competitors would use their own weapons against them. It would be business suicide. As of today, I don't have to worry about that.

"Mark Joyner is a pioneer, a genius, a guru and an online god. He's paved the way through the internet brush to the online gold. His secrets are worth  more than whatever he'll charge for them.  He's giving away his products and the source code he used to make millions? Be smart. Get it ..."

 - Joe Vitale, author of "Hypnotic Marketing" and more ...

  • You get ALL the code for StartBlaze, StartBlaze Pro, and ExitBlaze. Use them as is (after putting your brand on them), or modify them to create your own wildly successful cash-flow virus.

  • You get my most powerful viral systems, complete with the software that gives them their devastating effectiveness. These are the tools that built my email lists into the millions - without spam. With the head start this package gives you, you can build even larger lists, faster than I ever could.

  • You get my personal "Million Dollar Affiliate Program Power Tools," to grow your affiliate force like crazy, and turn casual affiliates into serious producers. These systems built an affiliate force of over 300,000 for me, and raked in millions of dollars in sales.

  • You get my proprietary membership site management system, which will maintain a site of virtually unlimited members and features. This is one of the most powerful ways going to generate huge sums of monthly income.

  • You get the "back room" tools that handle the day-to-day details of customer service, technical support, affiliate management and even project scheduling.

  • You get the software to run your own MLM... even our blockbuster Forced Matrix software. This is the most powerful program of its kind - anywhere! (It's what we used for the Guerrilla Marketing Network.)

  • You get Windows software that blows away anything like it on the market - including a never released program that will knock your socks off. These programs include the source code, so you can give them your own look, feel and name.

  • You get the code to allow you to sell PC-based programs as services, pulling in recurring monthly income from every person who uses it. This code can be adapted to any software you develop yourself, as well. This small part of just one of the programs is easily worth the entire cost of this package to a smart operator.

  • Plus, you get complete, proven products that are ready to sell the day you get them - including the sales copy that I used to pull in cash so fast that even my closest friends were in shock. One of these products pulled in over $100,000 - in the first week!

Don't make the mistake of thinking that this is just another info-product, or a reprint rights package, or some software. This is far more than that.

This isn't just "how to." It's what I did, the tools I used to do it, and the ways you can make it work for you - even better than it worked for me.

The information you're getting here is the very best of the best - the cream that rose to the top after 9 years of phenomenal success.

You aren't just getting software. You're getting the source code! Source code is the building blocks of software. You can re-arrange those blocks in any way you choose, creating whole new products that no one has seen before.

You can re-brand it, improve it, change it - use it as the base for literally hundreds of new products that you - and you alone - will have.

The reprint rights products are a resource - three of my best producing products and sales letters. You can offer these to your existing customers for a quick cash boost, or use them as the base to get your business started growing and finance your future.

You could start with absolutely nothing but this package and a little ambition and build yourself an empire. If you have an existing business online, and more than just a little ambition, you can build that empire much, much faster.

You get literally EVERYTHING YOU NEED to duplicate my success... Including the most important part, which you'll never get anywhere else. (I'll tell you about that in a minute.) As you read the full story, you'll see how the powerful systems you're buying here can give you whatever lifestyle you dare to dream.

There is so much more here that I'll describe shortly, but I need to tell you something right up front: This is a very limited time offer.

You'll see why as you read about why I'm leaving...

From: Mark Joyner
Farewell my friends!
April 2, 2003

Dear Friends,

Since I started marketing online in 1994, I've had my ups and downs, I've had my triumphs and failures; I've made friends and I've made enemies... but it's all been worth it.

I wouldn't trade this experience for anything. When I look back at the whole thing, I just have to shake my head sometimes, though.

I guess I could focus on the negative things: the jealousy, the greed, the crazy people, the email death threats, (Yes, believe it or not - I'll include copies of these crazy emails for your amusement), and the glaringly public embarrassments...

But I choose to forget all that and focus on the wonderfully positive things: the friendships I've made that will last for a lifetime, the generosity, the wonderful loving people, the endless fan mail and thank-yous (some of it has been really touching), the public triumphs ...

Triumphs... yeah, they were great:

  • My name is known by millions of people across the globe and I have sold millions and millions of dollars worth of products over the net.

  • I took my latest print book to #1 on in only 48 hours - beating Rudy Guilliani, whose book was being plugged every 30 minutes on CNN. (I'll show you exactly how you can do it, too.)

  • I pioneered two billion-dollar industries - Electronic books (way before Stephen King) and remotely hosted ad tracking (a la ROIbot.)

  • I created many of the most visited sites on the planet - one becoming a top 100 site (out of billions of sites world-wide) within 60 days of its release.

    You'll get every single line of the source code that runs that site (and many, many others) so you can duplicate my success in every minute detail.

  • I wrote an electronic book that was downloaded over 1,000,000 times before I stopped counting - in 1998.

As you know, there were many more.

It's been a blast, but I must say goodbye.

Bottom line is, it's time for me to simplify. My business has become so incredibly complex that it just isn't fun any more. It's time for me to clean everything up, finish the unfinished business, and move on.

I need to focus my energy...

With the exception of a few email newsletters I write, I'm going to put all of my energy into just one thing at a time.

I won't be publishing any more business ebooks. I won't be starting any new Internet Marketing services. I won't be creating any more marketing software.

Because of this, I don't have to hold anything back.

You see, the most important thing that the big name players don't tell you is they simply can't tell you everything. If they did, they wouldn't be able to dominate the market! A competitor could take their own techniques and knock them off the mountain at a moment's notice.

I don't have that problem. I can tell you my biggest secrets without fear.

I can give you my best products to sell as your own, including some blockbuster stuff that has never been released. I can give you the software for services that have cost me well over a million dollars to develop over the years. (That's right - this package is worth over one million dollars.)

"As an Internet Marketer and CEO, Ive seen a ton of people trying to make a buck, regurgitating other peoples ideas and making false business building claims but that's not Mark Joyner. He takes psychology and marketing savvy, combines them with his real life experiences and delivers powerful resources for anyone even thinking about doing business online."

- - Ford Sakes, CEO,

A Tough Decision

Deciding to "tell (and sell) all" meant I had to do some serious thinking. It was clear I'd have to limit the number of copies I made available.

Some people were concerned that if I sold too many, the products would be de-valued by too much competition. They didn't realize that there's just so much here, with so many ways that the products and software and source code can be used, that that wasn't going to be a problem unless I sold 10,000 copies or more.

And even that's not a concern with the business support and automation tools you get, which would cost a small fortune to buy "off the shelf."

I could easily sell these as separate packages, and hire someone to manage the whole thing. I'd make a lot more money that way, but that would mean staying tied to the business. That's no good.

In the end, it boiled down to how much time I wanted to spend on it. With everything that's in this package, I figured it should be easy to sell 2000 copies within a couple of weeks or so.

So, that's the limit. Once they're gone, they're gone - and so am I.

When I Said You Get Everything
I Meant Everything!

To make sure you get absolutely everything, I let 12 of the sharpest people in the game interview me. Each one was after my most powerful stuff - the things they can use in their own businesses to bring the money in even faster. I held nothing back.

And wait until you see how I turned the tables on them, dragging out some of their own secrets for you to profit from. (I guarantee you - A few of them are going to be shocked when they realize what they let slip in our conversations!)

You'll learn more nuts-and-bolts, do-it-now stuff in these interviews than in any product I know of. The best proven techniques for building massive email lists, viral systems to drive traffic stampedes, and - most importantly - converting all that exposure to cash in the bank.

These conversations are they key to the vault. Almost any question you may possibly have about what I've done, why I made the decisions I made, what my real marketing secrets are, which tactics work the best...

It's All In There.

By the time you're done going through this package you'll know:

  • Exactly how I became so successful and how you can reproduce my success precisely.

    No ... I'll do one even better - I'll show you how to be even better than I ever was, because you'll learn from my mistakes.

  • Exactly how I created my name for myself online. You'll laugh ... It's so easy.

    I've become one of the most recognized names on the Internet (and even have recognition offline - appearing on numerous TV and radio shows as an expert on many topics), but before that I was nobody! You'll learn exactly how I did it and you'll get step by step instructions for doing it yourself.

  • Being a "Name" makes it much easier to get other people to work with you. I'll show you how to create the kind of "Buzz" that keeps the world talking about you. And how to turn that fame into cold hard cash.

  • Exactly how I've built some of the largest email lists in the world.

    This is stuff you've never heard anywhere else. I'll even tell you about some of the "edgy" exploits I've done that nearly got me in a lot of trouble, but ended up building massive lists for me. (By massive, I'm talking hundreds of thousands and, in some cases, millions of new subscribers.)

  • The sneakiest tactics that online marketers use. Most of them are afraid to even discuss this stuff publicly. They don't want to give away their edge - but I don't have to worry about that. I'm excited about seeing the things you'll do, armed with this kind of "insider" information!

  • Straight up: Where I screwed up royally and what I'd do differently if I was starting over. I revealed my 3 biggest business and marketing mistakes and tell you how you can avoid them (or correct them - immediately.)

  • Exactly how I get hordes of grown adults jumping up and down begging to buy my products...

    Way beyond what I've taught in my books, I'll boil it down to a few really simple principles. As I interview people who have used my techniques to generate these results, you'll learn exactly how you can do it, too.

  • My secret "Internet Marketing Theory": How money is really made on the Internet. This is probably the most important strategic concept you need to learn.

I really didn't hold anything back. I even revealed the stuff that I know that none of the other experts know. When you're done with each hour-long interview, your head will be swimming with tons of new ideas to suck more and more results out of every thing you do.

Take notes while you listen to each interview. If you use as little as 5% of what you learn in these recordings, you almost can't help but become the biggest player in your business.

I could go on for hours about what is discussed in these interviews. The interviewers were literally shocked at the end of each discussion that I was so frank and forthcoming. They didn't expect me to reveal that much... because they wouldn't.

They can't.

A word of warning: Don't listen to more than one of these recordings a day. There's so much here that you won't be able to sleep from the excitement.

If you're like most people, you'll get so excited after listening to the first one that you'll want to dive right into the next.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

These recordings alone are worth far more than the cost of this package. Still, no amount of knowledge helps if you don't have the products and tools you need to make things happen.

I'm going to give you those, too. In spades...

The Ultimate Power Tools
For Maximum Online Profits!

Here's a list of some of the tools you'll get when the package shows up.

Remember, you'll get the source code, sales material, rights - everything - for all of these:

Web Hit-Meter (Never Released!): Windows based.
(includes source code and rights)

This program is a business webmaster's dream. You punch in some information and the program creates and uploads the necessary script to your server for you. Add one line of code to every page you want to track, and you're all set.

Web Hit-Meter checks the logs it creates on your server and reports on the number of unique visitors to your site, the number of page views, what page they came in on and left from, the paths they took through your site, and more.

The reports are presented in both graphic and tabular form, and can be saved individually. You can track pages on as many domains as you want, on as many servers as you like. The program is so simple that virtually any business can use it, and it provides the critical information needed to maximize your web site income.

You get the source code, so you can brand it with your own company name, look and feel and sell the program outright. Plus - you can use the access control code in Web Site Lifeline to offer it as a service, with recurring monthly billing!

Website Lifeline (Rare Breakthrough Product):
Windows based + Linux Based, mySQL, Perl.
(includes source code, rights, sales materials, commerce, affiliate program software, everything)

This is a very little known, and very powerful, webmaster's utility that runs on your own PC.

You set it to check your site at regular intervals. It keeps an eye out for outages, checks for broken links, and emails you reports whenever it encounters a problem. If the site appears to be down, it will do a traceroute, to let you know if the problem is your site itself, or a problem with the network between you and your server.

It doesn't just tell you "Something's broken." It supplies detailed reports, with the exact link and error code, which is much more useful when you go to your webmaster or host to get the problem fixed.

If you're promoting affiliate programs from your site, this will let you know immediately when one of them goes down. This happens far more often than most people realize, and Website Lifeline keeps you on top of all these sorts of problems.

You can tell it to email as many addresses as you like when there's a problem. Include your address at your ISP, so you get notified even if your main mailbox is down along with your server. Better yet, have it notify your webmaster as well, so they can get on the problem immediately. This is a very important utility for anyone running a business site that needs consistent uptime.

You can also spider a site manually, looking for broken and problem links. ANY site, which means you can use it as an extra service for clients, or as a way to notify someone you want to get in touch with about any problems with their site.

This is a very strong product for the business market. It helps site owners keep better track of how things are being handled with their own systems, instead of depending on their webmasters or (as some do) their web designers.

Again, you get the complete source code. This can be expanded to work with an unlimited number of sites. Code could be added to turn it into a complete site backup tool. You could even automate this as a service, with monthly recurring billing.

This code could be modified to create entire suites of webmaster products.

The most valuable part of this program is the web-based licensing module. It's a bit of code that checks your server to see if the user has paid for the service this month, and shuts the program down if they haven't.

This licensing system can be used in any Windows application, to turn it from a one-time software purchase into a service, generating monthly recurring income.

Aesop Award Submitter: Windows based.
(includes source code and rights)

The "Awards Submitter" asks for a bit of user input and submits your site to a number of awards services. This brings in additional traffic with very little effort. (The database could stand to be updated a bit, but that's a simple enough process.)

As with all the software in this package, you get the source code to modify as you wish. This is yet another tool with great potential for creating viral applications. The submission routines are an excellent example of this kind of code, and can easily be the core of any kind of automatic submission software.

This is especially well adapted to creating niche submission products. Realtors' directories, niche search engines, ezine directories... virtually any group of sites that accept web-based submissions.

So: What would your market like?

Web Page-O-Matic: Windows based.
(includes source code, rights, sales materials)

This template-based web page generator runs on a very easy to follow wizard, and allows the user to simply type in some information, choose a template style, and push a button to create an entire web site.

It creates a home page, FAQ page, "About us" page and features page, as well as a blank template for additional pages throughout the site.

It comes in both business and personal versions. The current business version has 8 templates and 5 button styles built in. Adding templates is a relatively simple task for your programmer.

The program was designed to download ads from our servers and display them every time it was run. This makes it a great viral giveaway for marketing webmaster-related products.

  • Add a snippet to the bottom of the sites it creates that links to your own site. This creates a simple and steady traffic generator.

  • It's easily be expanded to a commercial product by partnering with a designer and adding more templates.

  • You get the source code to modify as you wish. You could easily pull the ad-server code and install it in your own viral freeware applications, making them far more profitable.

Ezine Assistant: Windows based.
(includes source code, rights, sales materials)

Ezine Assistant will format articles to whatever line length you specify, store articles so you can manage your content more easily, and even submit your ezine to various newsletter directories.

(The list of directories can be updated fairly easily by any programmer with MFC experience. MFC is a very common language for Windows systems, and people who can program in it are very easy to find.)

  • The code was set up to check our servers for new articles and ads for publishers to use in their newsletters. This can be adapted to check your server instead, or the function can be removed.
  • If you run an affiliate program, it's a very handy way to get more people running your articles and ads on a regular basis. They get great content and affiliate commissions, and you get a more active affiliate force.
  • Or, you could start an article directory. Distribute the software as a free utility, and charge authors to include their articles in your directory.
  • There are code modules in Ezine Assistant that can be adapted to many other pieces of software, and turned into all kinds of interesting products.

As with all the software, you get complete source code to use as you see fit, except that you can't sell the source code itself. (Of course, you can sell the compiled programs. Those are 100% yours.)

Confidential Internet Intelligence Manuscript: Ebook, PDF format
(includes rights and sales materials)

This book sold over $100,000 in its first week!

It reveals my unique market testing methods, tools and techniques for increasing response (they boosted mine by 412%), what day of the week is best to send emails to your list, (including a trick that takes 5 minutes to implement and increased my sales by 32% all by itself), the formulas I use in writing emails that get unheard of response rates, invaluable survey data on consumer buying behavior, and much more.

This one really shook things up.

You get resale rights to the book, which sells well at $197, and the exact ad copy we use to sell it like crazy at that price. Sell just 6 copies, and you've made a profit on this package.

NOTE: You can resell the book and keep all the profits, but you cannot sell reprint rights to this or any of the other ebooks in this package.

"This is the best thing I have ever read on the subject of Internet Marketing.  Period."

- Chayden A. Bates, CEO, The Effective Marketing Group


How I Became an Amazon #1 Best-Seller, in 48 hours: Ebook, PDF format
(includes rights and sales materials)

Everyone dreams of being a best selling author. I did it in just 48 hours, running up against Rudy Giuliani, whose book was being plugged on CNN every half hour. That's tough competition, and it shows just how powerful this system is.

This book shows you the exact process I and a number of my friends and clients used to pull it off. Simple, step-by-step instructions that have amazing power.

This was, and continues to be, a very hot seller. You get resale rights to the book, and the exact sales letter we used to make a small fortune with it.

Online Casino Cash Cows: Ebook, PDF and Audio format
(includes rights and sales materials)

This is one of our most controversial and little known products.

"Cash Cows" explains exactly how to start your own online casino, or become an affiliate for existing casinos, and make huge money from the online gambling market. It shows you where to get the software you need, what jurisdictions to set up in, how to generate traffic, and much more.

This book sold easily at $37.97. You get resale rights for the book, the audio files, and the original sales letter. You can start selling as soon as you get the package.

StartBlaze and StartBlaze Pro: Server based. mySQL and Perl.
(includes source code, rights, sales materials, commerce, MLM management software, everything)

This system drove to the Top 100 of all web properties in 60 days!

A number of people have decided that I'm just plain nuts for selling this system. It currently generates $80,000 a month in revenue.

StartBlaze is a start page network system. By making it your browser's start page, you get credits for every time you open your browser or reload the page and look at sites from other members of the system. Each of those other people see pages in the system as well, including yours.

The program is designed as an MLM, so the more people your visitors recruit into it, the more traffic they get to their sites. And, of course, a share of that traffic goes to the person running the network - YOU.

StartBlaze Pro allows you to offer extra credits and instant bonuses for paying members, which turns it into a truly powerful MLM business that brings you in growing amounts of cash every month.

This is easily one of the most powerful programs I have ever created!

  • You could use this to start your own start page network.
  • You could modify it to display articles or jokes from a network of niche information sites.
  • You can let users sign up free, and charge the publishers by the page view.
  • The possibilities are endless.

There are so many ways this can be used by a sharp entrepreneur.

With some of the modules built into this system (which are explained later) I have no doubt that I could sell these programs by themselves for $10,000 or more per customer. BUT... for that price, I'd have to provide ongoing support. Again, it ties me to the business. So, that's out.

NOTE: The basic requirements for all these programs are a Linux server, with Perl and sendmail. If any of the programs require other software running on your server, we'll mention it.

ExitBlaze: Server based. mySQL, Perl.
(includes source code, rights, sales materials, commerce, affiliate program software, everything)

This is an exit pop-up exchange. Much like StartBlaze, but it's based on the amount of people leaving the pages you have entered in the program.

I ran it as a free traffic MLM, and it was a "blazing" success.

With this software, you can easily start your own exit pop-up network. With the built-in ecommerce module, you can turn it into a paying service MLM, with money coming in every month.

For related sites, this can be turned into an awesome way to get more exposure for your information, services, or products.

For example, you could go to and find people bidding on keywords that relate to your products. Offer to help them defray the cost of their pay-per-click campaigns by exchanging their exit traffic with other people in similar, but non-competing, businesses. Of course, you'll get a chunk of that traffic for running the network... The possibilities are endless.

This is highly targeted free traffic, and can be a bonanza for all concerned.

Web Hit Machine: Server based. PHP.
(includes source code, rights, sales materials, commerce)

After we cancelled this product people begged for us to bring it back.

(not to be confused with Web Hit Meter above)

This was released for a very short time, and was taken off the market. We got letters from all over the world asking us to bring it back!

Web Hit Machine is an unbelievable system that helps anyone at all write great articles, upload them to their server, submit them to search engines, and email them to publishers.

The wizard walks you through the steps of writing your article, one piece at a time, in such a way that you end up with a nearly finished piece that has a clean, logical flow and requires very little editing. Polish it up, publish it, then promote it right through the web interface!

It then brings up a list of search engines for you to submit the article to manually. Automated submissions can create problems, as you know. This system is set up to give the search engines exactly what they want: Real content with real value, submitted by a real human being. The amount of traffic you can generate using this incredibly simple system is amazing.

After you've finished the submission process, you can elect to submit the article to the built-in list of newsletter publishers, again from right within the web page.

Anyone who's ever promoted their site using articles can tell you - nothing else sells as well. It's simply the highest ROI you can get from your time, outside of completely automated viral systems (several of which are included in this package). It builds traffic, sales and subscribers at rates that continue to amaze me.

Now you can automate the whole process, and write better articles on top of it.

If your server has PHP installed, you just upload the script, configure it, and you're ready to go. (PHP is free, and nearly all web hosts have it already installed.)

  • You can use this in a number of ways. Just for your own use, it's worth a fortune. It's so easy that my girlfriend (who is brilliant, but neither net-savvy nor a writer) wrote a very solid and useful article with the program in 10 minutes!

    Think how much content you can add to your site to draw in traffic from the search engines with this...

  • You could set it up as a free service, that would help the author write articles and email them the finished copy. This is a great way to get loads of additional traffic.

  • You could use the same approach and then offer an upsell to a paid version that would handle uploading the article and submitting it to newsletters (you can easily add publishers or remove them from the database) for publishing.

There are so many ways you can adapt this, it's scary. The code to save the articles directly to a site and the submission routines alone are incredible resources that could easily be the core of any number of products. And low cost PHP developers are everywhere.

R-TIME: Real-Time Interactive Marketing Experiment: Server based.
(includes source code, rights, sales materials)

This one brought in HUGE amounts of new highly targeted subscribers.

It's a viral tool to get people to notify others about your newsletter. For doing this, they get to see the current results of the experiment. The folks who are notified come to the site and, if they want to see the results of the experiment, will also sign up for your newsletter.

Initially, the experiment was to see which of 16 possible emails got the most people to visit the site. (It was one of my sneakier tests.)

This script can be modified relatively easily to send the referred people to a survey page, and then require them to sign up or refer it to their friends) to see the results of the survey. It could be modified to help spread the word about a download virally.

The data you can get from using this script and the simple modifications you can make to it is invaluable. And the enormous number of subscribers it generates isn't bad either. Search Engine Code: Server based. mySQL, C, Perl
(our special modification of the mnoGo open source search code)

This is literally everything you need to run your own search engine.

Submission and search system, acknowledgement and indexing notification emails, the whole shot. And it's fast.

There's a module built in that allows you to specify a resource as a "Recommended by" site for specific keywords. (It tracks the clickthroughs on all recommended sites... keep that in mind.)

The code is relatively easy to customize and compile.

  • You may not want to go up against Google or Yahoo, but how about starting your own niche search engine? This is a great way to get very targeted exposure for your products.
  • Handles new submissions, spiders sites, and creates a massive database of webmasters in no time.
  • Run a network of search engines covering different industries related to your niche. Or providers of specific types of services... Builds a targeted email list that helps you to dominate your market.
  • Create a "self-help" search engine, with links to articles, books and other information on the subject. That's a very active market.
  • How about creating a niche-specific pay-per-click search engine? Or two...

Ezine Publisher Rolodex: Text database.
(rights to use)

This is my personal list of over 1500 ezine publishers that I built while working on joint ventures and developing my contacts on the net.

This is intended to be used to contact publishers individually. It is not to be used for any sort of bulk mailing.

Work through the list slowly, finding out which publishers are looking for the kind of relationship and advantages you offer. I promise you, the extra time is worth the effort.

Treat these people with anything but respect, and they can do you a world of hurt. Approach them properly and respectfully, and these publishers represent a network that can help you more than any other single resource you can develop.

"While I have seen Mark's amazing sales letters and marketing campaigns for years, when I had the opportunity to interview him I was most impressed with his passion for giving back and for helping others succeed."

- Matt Morrow, EVP of Marketing,
EXI Technologies

UberMailer: Exim (a sendmail replacement)
(includes source code and rights)

This is the proprietary mass mail program we had built to send mailings to our millions of subscribers. The speed of the mailer will depend on your server resources and bandwidth. We got speeds of about 50,000 personalized emails per hour with it.

Entirely web based, it will manage unsubscribes, remove duplicates, and randomize the list for testing. You can send different messages to any number of segments of your list.

You can have as many lists as you like, and as many merge fields as your SQL database will allow.

This is a VERY robust system.

You probably know that I test and track everything. This is the key to all my email testing. It turns your subscriber base from a list of email addresses into a powerful customer database.

Affiliate Based Email List Builder: Server based. Perl.
(includes source code and rights)

Lets your affiliates build your list for you. And they thank you for it.

This one alone is worth several times the price of this package.

You provide your affiliates some simple code to put on their sites, which includes their affiliate ID. When someone signs up for your newsletter, the affiliate ID gets stored in your database, along with their name and email address.

When you email your newsletter with offers for your affiliate products, the referring affiliate's ID is merged into the URL, so they get credit for any sales made to the subscribers they sent you.

  • This gets you more subscribers and sales.
  • It gets your affiliates larger commission checks.
  • It helps new affiliates start to earn money, which encourages them to become more active.
  • It builds your reputation as a merchant who takes care of your affiliates, which attracts even more affiliates.

2-Tier Affiliate Software: Server based.
(includes source code and rights)

This code is part of WebSite Lifeline. It does everything you'd want from a 2-tier affiliate system.

It allows you to set different commissions for each level, and track both sales and affiliate referral sources. It handles affiliate ad tracking and affiliate campaign tracking. It serves appropriate reports to both affiliates and the program manager.

It calculates commission checks and outputs them in a standard comma-delimited format, which you can use in your check writing software. Print your checks automatically, or modify the data for PayPal's Mass Payment system.

Similar programs sell for at least $600-$700 or more by themselves, and only allow you to use them on one domain at a time. You can use this for as many products and on as many domains as you like.

"Mark Joyner has been like a Father to me. From the moment I first talked with him he was willing to get involved and help me in any way that he could. And he did. Because of him, I literally cashed over $50,000 in commission checks in 2001. I often feel guilty for as much as he's invested in me; something I have a fear that I'll never be able to fully repay. Mark is one of the most giving individuals I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. And I'm just really glad that he's still here. Thank you, Mark. From the bottom of my heart, thank you."

Chayden Bates, CEO, The Effective Marketing Group

Dynamic Affiliate Tip Tool: Server based.
(includes source code and rights)

Your affiliates paste a line of code into their pages, and every visitor gets a random tip, article or resource pointer that scrolls in the tip box. Of course, all the links contain their affiliate ID.

This is yet another great tool to help motivate and activate new affiliates, as well as producing a lot of sales for affiliates with heavy site traffic.

In addition to using it as an affiliate sales tool, you can provide virtually any type of dynamic content that's text based. What do you want people to know?

  • Use it as part of a "pay per subscriber" system.
  • Create a network of affiliate program owners who have related products, and use it to serve brief recommendations to the various products.
  • Use jokes instead of tips, to create a viral traffic generator. Whatever you want ...

Sig File Modifier: Windows based
(includes source code and rights)

This is a "use once, throw away" application for your affiliates. They run the program and it downloads a signature file from your server. The software asks them if they'd like to change their Outlook signature file to the one you've sent them. If they say yes, the software makes the change and they're done with it.

This may seem too simple to be of use, but you'd be surprised at how many people will download this little app because they don't know how to change a sig file in Outlook.

The code could easily be modified to allow them to choose from multiple signatures, so they can constantly keep up with your best producing sig files.

This is a very well-appreciated service for your enthusiastic but technically challenged affiliates. They shouldn't need to be computer wizards to sell your products for you!

Viral Book Brander: Windows based.
(includes source code and rights)

This little app is a doozy. It lets your affiliates create a branded ebook application that contains their affiliate ID, and hand it out on floppy disks.

When the user runs the program, it fetches the ebook from your server, and displays it in a small Explorer-based window. No matter how large or small the "book" is, it will fit on a floppy this way!

  • Use it as a prospecting tool, by including a report that offers them more information (your product) at the end.
  • Use it to provide basic details of your service to a prospect so they'll call you for more information.
  • Give them out as special reports to targeted groups to take your affiliate marketing offline.
  • Include them with hard copy products to provide an extra bonus leading in to an upsell offer.

"Paste and Forget": Server based. PHP.
(includes source code and rights)

Gives your affiliates a snippet of code to put in their pages, and then forget. It serves ads to them, tracking the clickthroughs on each, and rotating ads as you find better and better performing graphics.

The system provides for any number of different sizes of graphics, so the affiliate can fit them into their pages as they choose. This is a fantastic affiliate support tool.

Your affiliates find their commission checks growing every month, as you send them better and better ads, and they don't have to do a thing after that first bit of 'cut and paste.'

That creates a huge boost in affiliate loyalty, which any affiliate manager will tell you is critical to long term success.

  • Use it to test the graphics of the various affiliate programs you're involved with, to find out more easily which work best for your own site visitors.
  • Use it to test different banners on a network of sites, whether your own or sites you pay for ad space.
  • It supports any size graphic, so you could use it for motivational or cartoon messages that can easily go viral, with links to your site underneath or in the graphic itself.
Are you beginning to see the potential in these programs?

MLM Management: Server based.
(includes source code and rights)

Yet another part of the StartBlaze software is an MLM management system that handles every aspect of a unilevel program 10 levels deep.

It tracks downlines, records sales, and calculates commission checks - all more easily than you can balance your checkbook.

This is extremely robust software. It's what we currently use to handle the $80,000 a month StartBlaze system, and it does it without breaking a sweat.

If you're interested in starting an MLM, this is the software you've been looking for.

Forced Matrix System: Server based.
(includes source code and rights)

Forced matrix MLMs have their big fans and their detractors, but one thing is certain: Any system that allows for spillover and handles it properly is set to grow very rapidly.

This is, without a doubt in my mind, the best server-based forced matrix system ever created. Its proprietary algorithm never loses track of spillover!

Losing spillover and direct sign-ups is a huge problem for many companies that use forced-matrix systems. With this software, once someone is in your downline - they stay there.

The software is currently set up for a 2x15 matrix. It's fairly easy to modify that for any width and depth you like.

This is the same software Jay Conrad Levinson and I used for the Guerrilla Marketing Network. You're getting the same code as part of this package. It's easily worth far more than the cost of the package all by itself.

Power Upsell Code: Server based.
(includes source code and rights)

This was responsible for generating millions of dollars in sales for us.

This simple bit of code allows you to add upsell offers to your 'Thank you' pages. The code simply stores the necessary credit card information and asks, on the 'Thank you' page: "Would you also like to order...?"

This approach yields more additional orders and more total profit increases than any other upsell method we've tried, including the "point of sale" upsells and "multiple choice" offers that most of the gurus recommend.

We found that this increased our upsells for one offer by over 50%.

How much would that be worth to you?

Testimonial Database System: Server based.
(includes source code and rights)

If you get a lot of comments from your subscribers and customers, you're going to love this.

This system lets you store testimonials, and search for them by the sender's name or email address, product name, or keywords. It saves the original email (with full headers), the email giving you permission to use the comments (again, with full headers), the date of permission, and all relevant correspondence.

I can't tell you how nice it is to have all that data in one place. You'll be surprised at just how many testimonials you have that you forgot about once you start using this.

  • Use it to store articles: It can be easily used as a content management system.
  • Use it to store suggestions for product improvements or ideas for articles and new products.
  • Allow multiple people access, and use it to make parts of projects available to all contributors.

Web Help Desk: Server based.
(includes source code and rights)

This is the tracking and ticketing system we created for handling customer support issues. It supports both email and web based questions.

The web-based system tracks requests made through a web form or mailed to a specific support mailbox, and allows you to reply through the web interface. It keeps all correspondence related to a specific "ticket number" together, both incoming and outgoing, so you can keep track of the status of each request.

There's nothing more frustrating to a customer than having their questions or concerns fall through the cracks. This system will ensure that you or your staff stay on top of everything, keeping the customer happy and supportive.

  • Not only can you use this for your own customer issues, you could easily set up accounts for other company's virtual assistants and remote customer service personnel, charging a monthly fee for the service.

This is an absolutely invaluable tool, and it's especially well suited for small firms that outsource work to virtual staff.

Amazing Automated Customer Problem Solver: Server based.
(includes source code and rights)

This system allows you to create a series of questions and answers that, when laid out properly, allow your customers to find the exact solutions they need for tech support or product questions. Your customer then becomes your best customer service representative.

If the customer can't find the answer in your system, they're passed to the form in the Help Desk software, so their questions can be addressed personally by your support staff.

This saves your and your staff's time for product development, marketing, and other areas of the business that make you more money.

  • The code can easily be modified to create training systems that you could sell access to, or used to teach your clients even more about how to make the most of your products or services.

Task Management System: Server based.
(includes source code and rights)

This program allows you to manage multiple projects (as many as you wish) from one web interface.

You create a project, and assign tasks and sub-tasks. Each person in the process has access only to their own tasks and those of the people who answer to them for that project.

Allows for scheduling, progress notes, addition or deletion of tasks as the project evolves, and more. It's a perfect way to keep virtual staff productive and accountable.

  • You could easily set this up as a fee-based service, charging monthly for access.

Membership Site Management: Server based.
(includes source code and rights)

Still another module that's contained in StartBlaze Pro. This one handles usernames and passwords for a membership site. You can use it for free sites or invitation-only sites, or you can use it with the ecommerce module in the same program to run paid membership sites.

You can even make the membership sites MLM-based, for explosive growth potential!

The code handles expirations, recurring billing, and more. This is THE software to have for any kind of membership system.

Paid memberships are a fast growing industry, and, while they seem to be everywhere in the "Internet marketing" business, demand in the consumer market for this has barely been scratched.

  • Partner with an expert. You run the promotions and back end billing, let them handle the content, and split the profits.
  • Create an exclusive niche community site, supply some initial information and products, and let the growing community provide the additional resources.
  • Once you find the formula that works for you, it's easy to use the same software to create multiple sites. That means multiple streams of recurring income.
  • If you have the credibility in your niche to get "The Players" on-board, a free invitation only site can help you to not only build further stature, but to develop closer relationships with the big guns.
  • Create "Product of the Month" sites. These can be anything that's digitally delivered. Web site design templates, ebooks, software for specific niches, music downloads, spreadsheets... anything that you can create on an ongoing basis that people will pay for each month.

There are so many more things you can do with these products... The possibilities are as endless as your creativity.

You come up with the idea... we've already got the code!

Plus there are tons of things in this package we didn't even list here ...

Okay. This Is Huge.
How Many Arms And Legs Do You Want For It?

That's the most pleasant surprise of the whole thing.

I hinted at it early on, when I mentioned that selling just 6 copies of the "Confidential Internet Intelligence Manuscript" would put you into profit on the deal.

The total price for the package is just $997, plus shipping.

That's less than 10 cents for every $100 I spent developing these products, and they've all been tested under fire. They work.

Any one of these products is easily worth the cost of the entire package. Even the lowly "Sig File Modifier" is likely to increase your profits by much more than that, if you run an affiliate program. (If you don't, you now have the tools to start!)

For each book, you get complete resale rights, so you can keep 100% of the profits from selling them. Even better, you get the actual sales letters that made each one worth hundreds of thousands of dollars - cash in the bank.

Remember: The "Confidential Internet Intelligence Manuscript" alone sold over $100,000 in one week. What can you do with products with that kind of selling power?

The software is an even more powerful part of the package. You get the complete source code for each program. You can use it as-is, or modify it any way you like. (You just can't sell the source code itself.)

Re-brand the Windows software with your name and your own style, add features if you like (or leave them as they are), and sell them. Give them away. Sell resale rights to viral applications.

Modify them to fit specific needs, and take over one niche after another!

Partner with a programmer and create suites of niche-specific software around them. Changing the programs to create versions for multiple niches is easy. Creates as many extra streams of income as you like, without having to start from scratch!

- and you keep all the profits! You own the executable code.

With the licensing code that's included in WebSite Lifeline, you can even sell them as services, with the huge potential for recurring income that provides.

You can use that same code in software that's entirely your own creation. The flexibility and the potential in this package far exceeds the cost I paid to have these products developed. It dwarfs the investment you're making in it.

Warning #1: If you're a novice, or you're not serious about Internet business, this package may be more than you can handle. I really don't hold anything back here, and as such, you won't see any of the "dummying down" of the content that you'll see in other places. This is the real hard hitting stuff that works online, along with the systems to make these ideas work. If you need to learn how to "cut and paste" or need to ask questions like "what's an autoresponder", this will go way over your head.

Warning #2: You'll need a programmer to help you with the source code. I've spent over one million dollars developing all of these products and programs - and I'm practically giving it away for a ridiculously low fee. So, of course I can't help you configure or install this stuff for you and still give it away at this price.

However, if you need help with the code, I can recommend contract developers who can help you with it at very reasonable prices: The same folks who built the software originally!

Some of the products are software for windows, written in MFC. Getting programmers for MFC applications is very easy. The server-based code is designed for servers using Linux and apache, which is available virtually everywhere.

Wow, there are so many little gems in this package (and so many huge ones), that I just have to smile looking back at all of it. Any one of these things could be worth a fortune to you.

But there's quite a bit more to this. As I mentioned earlier, I recently did roughly 20 hours of interviews with some of the top minds in the business. In them, we covered a whole lot of creative ways that you can use these products, but we mostly got into the down-and-dirty of all my secret tricks. The stuff I've never talked about before - anywhere.

And I managed to pull (ahem) just a few of their secrets out of them, too.

"Anyone who has been involved in online business and marketing for several years has probably seen phrases like "Internet Pioneer" and "Marketing Guru" used far too frequently and applied much too indiscriminately. However, if anyone is truly deserving of these heady titles, it would have to be Mark Joyner. Mark grasped the Internet's tremendous communication potential and the impact it would have on business back in the mid-nineties. He then used that understanding to implement some of the most innovative business and marketing ideas that I've ever seen. Copied often, but rarely equalled - Mark Joyner, a true 'Internet Pioneer and Marketing Guru.'"

- Mel Strocen, President,
Jayde Online, Inc. |

That's right, in addition to all of the resale rights, source code, secret weapons and more listed above, you also get raw, unedited conversations where 13 famous gurus grill Mark for every single one of his secrets...

Here Are Just A Few Of The Things You'll Learn From These Uncensored Conversations

From the interview with Chayden Bates, CEO, The Effective Marketing Group

  • How this young single father earns 6 figures a year sitting on his butt at home while his rambunctious son distracts him.
  • Why is Mark getting out of the Internet Marketing business?  Learn the brutal truth and find out what he's up to next!
  • Sneaky tricks Mark used in the early days to make his name as big as it is today (it wasn't an accident).
  • The most profound Internet Marketing lesson Mark ever learned: from his Martial Arts instructor!
  • ... and much more.

From the interview with Shawn Casey, CEO, Mining Gold Corporation

  • Exactly how he built his list of over 5,000,000 subscribers!
  • Secret source revealed: where to find a trustworthy company who can help protect your assets - hassle free.
  • The single best way you can protect your personal assets so lawyers can't steal them from you (BTW - ask your lawyer if he knows this one... 92% do not).
  • How to make co-registration deals that can get up to one million opt-in subscribers in a month.
  • The only two states in the U.S. you should incorporate in (no, Delaware is not one of them) and why you could be at risk if you don't.
  • Tips and tricks for cutting down your taxes to the bare minimum.
  • .... and much more.

From the interview with Joel Christopher, CEO, Success Access

  • Exactly how he pushed his book to #2 in 24 hours - only Harry Potter could beat him!  You'll learn exactly what he did.
  • Hear the "Master List Builder" himself explain list building secrets he's never revealed anywhere else.
  • Hear Mark give a live demonstration of the awesome power of the Zeigarnik effect.
  • The tactics Mark used to get 700 people to fly out to Los Angeles and beg him for the chance to buy his products.
  • A secret marketing theory Mark has never revealed to anyone outside of his company ("... launching with this tactic will dramatically increase your response every single time.")
  • Exactly how Mark got big name direct marketers to join him online - boosting his credibility and making him the envy of everyone selling online.
  • ... and much more.

From the interview with Mike Glaspie, CEO, My Site Inc.

  • Secret source revealed: how to find and use HUGE opt-in email list mailers (some will send for pennies per 1,000 mails sent) to turn on a cash pump machine.
  • Exactly how Mark and Mike use tactics no one else is using to get your email opened every time and boost sales dramatically..
  • The one psychological trigger most overlook in their marketing, but absolutely must be used if you want to make a sale.
  • The exact tactics Mike uses to generate lists with millions and millions of subscribers.
  • The secret viral formula Mike uses for sites like his phenomenal BannersGoMLM which pushes millions of banners daily.
  • ... and much more.

From the interview with Steve Humphrey, Author, "Learn to Use CGI in 2 Hours"

  • Steve teaches how anyone, without any technical knowledge, can make textual changes to a CGI script without the help of a programmer.
  • Get a quick crash-course in CGI, programming, and web development - to make yourself B.S. proof when hiring programmers.
  • How to use CGI to make updating your entire website a snap.
  • Two sneaky tricks this CGI wizard pulled to build his email list.
  • How to use the source code in this package to start exploding your email list immediately.
  • ... and much more.

From the interview with Matt Morrow, EVP of Marketing, EXITechnologies

  • Listen to the EVP of Marketing for a Top 25 web property (out of billions online) tell his awesome traffic building insights - things you've probably never considered before.
  • How Matt used the power of network marketing to allow him to quit his past dead-end job and live the life he wanted.
  • A killer idea for a way you can use your StartBlaze source-code (your code - since if you're reading this you're one of the first 2,000) to build a power-house MLM empire.
  • Matt is one of the largest sellers of leads in the world - and he gives you his secrets for quickly and easily turning leads into cold hard cash.
  • ... and much more.

From the interview with Paul Myers, Editor, Talk Biz News

  • How Gary Knuckles made over $1,000,000 in 3 years without ever testing his website marketing once.
  • The incredibly simple formula for creating massive buzz for a product launch
  • The totally unintuitive way to use follow up autoresponder messages that immediately begins to create a bond with your new subscribers.
  • Little testing mistakes you could be making right now - how to identify them and correct them immediately.
  • How Mark gets million dollar results on a $0 advertising budget.
  • How to easily protect yourself from over-zealous abuse desk managers.
  • How Paul talked a hoard of business newsletter publishers into promoting a book about romance - for free!
  • ... and much more.

From the interview with Ford Sakes, CEO, Prime Concepts Inc.

  • One of Mark's most outrageous marketing exploits that got him over 200,000 subscribers and over $100,000 in sales before he had to shut it down.
  • How to leverage the Internet as part of your Direct Marketing campaigns for outrageous results.
  • Mark's tactics that will allow you to start building your massive email list immediately.
  • The one thing you must do, if you want people to subscribe to your email list.
  • What are the two types of viral marketing and why are both vital to your success?
  • ... and much more.

From the interview with Alex Sampson, CEO, Ultra Marketing Inc.

  • How Alex used forbidden psychological tactics to create an email that pulled in $7,500 in 20 hours.
  • How Alex built a tool in one hour that scored him 2,000 high-quality subscribers.
  • Alex's secret easy 3 part formula for writing copy that pulls in the sales every single time. (He makes copy easier than you think!)
  • How to quickly and easily cultivate rapport with your list so they beg to buy the products you offer.
  • ... and much more.

From the interview with Mel Strocen, CEO, Jayde Online

  • What this seasoned newsletter publisher (who's sent email to millions and millions of subscribers for almost 10 years) considers to be his most powerful email sales tactic.
  • Why this publisher throws some of his subscribers away and why you should consider doing this immediately.
  • How to get your subscribers to literally beg you for each issue of your newsletter.
  • A sneaky joint venture between Mark and Mel that enticed thousands of webmasters to promote Mel's search engine for free (!)- day after day after day.
  • ... and much more.

From the interview with Joe Vitale, CEO, Hypnotic Marketing Inc.

  • You'll learn the #1 easiest way to get people to sign up for your list - two at a time!
  • You'll discover a little-known military book that taught Mark some of his most valuable marketing lessons.
  • You'll hear a firsthand description of the best way to sell ebooks today, even without credit card capabilities
  • You'll discover the tested formulas for writing copy and creating websites that sell, including the truth about copy length and use of graphics.
  • You'll hear the wild and outrageous story of how Joe created a new form of online marketing, taught others to make hundreds of thousands of dollars with email only, and bought the luxury sports car of his dream.
  • You'll learn about Esoteric Marketing and how your energy affects your sales.
  • You'll discover what items always sell no matter what, including one surprising category you may not have considered before
  • ... and much more.

From the interview with Dave Werba and David Platte, Founders, 1WorldLine

  • Exactly how they built a downline club with over 57,000 members in two months!
  • The sneaky trick they used to set their downline club on fire and get their members fighting for a chance to bring in new recruits.
  • The single most important difference in running their downline club that allowed them to blow their competition out of the water - they say it's the single deciding factor between success and failure online.
  • Learn about some of the wacky books Mark has read that have set his passion on fire changed his life - they are definitely not what you think!
  • Learn about the very little-known roots of NLP and a brand new discipline that is taking NLP to a new level you've never imagined.
  • Learn how to create powerful frames that increase the results of your marketing by 3 times or more.
  • ... and much more.

From the interview with Alan Yap, CEO, Profitjump

  • How with a list of 40,000 subscribers he consistently outsells the big guns with lists of hundreds of thousands of subscribers.
  • How he used the power of affiliate marketing to allow him to quit his boring day job and call his own shots every single day of his life.
  • Learn exactly how Mark is able to get the world's biggest super-affiliates to massively promote products for him again and again and again.
  • Learn about a little-known piece of information you should be capturing with your email subscriptions that you can use to get 5 times the response with 5% of the effort! (Listen as Alan is blown away at this tactic - this was unlike anything he'd ever heard.)
  • ... and much more.

Remember - most of these calls were an hour or more apiece. There's no way I could list all the techniques we discussed without this turning into a book, rather than a farewell.

I've barely scratched the surface with what I've listed here. There's enough proven, profitable information in these interviews to keep you in fresh ideas for rapid growth for years. Many of them are so easy and deceptively simple that you can employ them in literally five minutes or less.

One of those tiny little 5-minute tricks increased my sales by 32%. (Yes, it's in there.) If you can't at least triple your sales with the tools and information in this package, you might need to consider another line of business.


Use just one new technique or piece of software each week or two. With each one, you'll leapfrog over a bunch of your competitors. Within a few months to a year of doing this, you'll be so far ahead of the pack that you won't HAVE competitors.

With the tools and information I've included here, you can go much farther than I did, much more quickly. You are literally starting where I left off, with all my advantages, and the added advantage of knowing what NOT to do.

A Quick Recap

Let's go over what you're getting again...

Source code and rights to slice, tweak, re-brand it (you just can't sell the source code of course) for of the following:

  • Web Hit-Meter
  • Website Lifeline
  • Aesop Award Submitter
  • Web Page-O-Matic
  • Ezine Assistant
  • StartBlaze and StartBlaze Pro
  • ExitBlaze
  • Web Hit Machine
  • R-TIME: Real-Time Interactive Marketing Experiment
  • Search Engine Code
  • The Ezine Publisher Rolodex
  • UberMailer
  • Affiliate Based Email List Builder
  • 2-Tier Affiliate Program Software
  • Dynamic Affiliate Tip Tool
  • Sig File Modifier
  • Viral Book Brander
  • "Paste and Forget"
  • MLM Management System
  • Forced Matrix System
  • Power Upsell Code
  • Testimonial Database System
  • Membership Site Management
  • Web Help Desk System
  • Automated Customer Problem Solver
  • Task Management System
  • Online Casino Cash Cows
  • How to be #1 on Amazon, in 48 hours
  • Confidential Internet Intelligence Manuscript

... plus roughly 20 hours of recordings of the most in-depth money-making information, with some of the top players in the business, that you will ever encounter in your life. For less than what you should make on any single part of the package.

... plus, the right to resell the ebooks and any products compiled from the Windows source code, and the right to use and modify the server-based software that's the backbone of my entire multi-million dollar a year business.

Remember... this is far more than "just another infoproduct." This is the best of what I've learned and built over 9 years online.

Not just the information, but the tools to make it take life and produce massive profits and satisfaction for you.

Not just the software, but the source code, so that you can adapt the products, re-brand them, or use the innovative modules in them as the base for entire new products and product lines of your own.

Not just reprint rights, but serious cash cows. These are three of my very best books, along with the letters for each, which have produced many hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales. Use them to grab a quick cash infusion, speed up your business growth, add to your product line, or just as a base for jump-starting your own online business.

As I mentioned earlier, You could start with absolutely nothing but this package and build yourself an empire. If you have an existing business online, you can build that empire much, much faster.

What more could you want?

I honestly believe this is the single most powerful package ever offered in this business.

I wish I'd been able to get it years ago.

Mark - You're Getting Out of the Business.
What's The Guarantee?

Good question. Let me put it this way...

Even if I were staying in the business, I couldn't guarantee that you'd make a dime with this package. No one can.

I don't know if you're the kind who can take the ball and run with it, or if you're the kind who'd drop it like a hot rock.

What I can tell you is that there's a lot in the package you're getting that's not mentioned here. Some unreleased products, additional code and information... some very nice surprises in there that you're going to get pretty excited over.

I can tell you that the products I've described here work. Except for Web Hit-Meter, (which I know will be a hit, but was never released), there isn't a single product that's not a killer seller; not an untested system or piece of software, or a theoretical idea mentioned on this page. You can see the results all over the net.

  • I'm doing $80,000 a month in revenues (almost a million a year) from StartBlaze alone. You're getting that code. 100% of what I use myself.

  • I sold over $100,000 of the "Confidential Internet Intelligence Manuscript" in the first week. Not only are you getting the product and sales letter, I explain in this program exactly how I did it!

  • I have over 300,000 affiliates of my company. I'm giving you the exact tools and techniques I used to build that massive affiliate force. And the software to run it!

  • I have millions of subscribers to my lists. You're getting all the software and techniques I used to build those lists... and a bunch more from the folks that interviewed me.

  • I took a site from 0 to the Top 100 in less than 60 days. I have sites getting millions of page views every month. I've created some of the most powerful traffic viruses ever to hit the web.

Probably the most important result I've produced: I'm 34 years old, and every bit of work I do for the rest of my life will be because it's what I want to do. I don't ever have to work again. Because of the systems and tools you're getting with this package.

No more than 2000 people will be able to take advantage of this to achieve the same lifestyle using my tools and my knowledge.

The ball is in your court. Run with it.

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PS: If you haven't decided yet, here's an easy way to see if this is for you - Go back and look at each product, one at a time. Ask yourself, "How could I use this in my business, and much could I make from it?" For example...

  • How much could I make with the tools to support and grow my affiliate program to thousands of active affiliates?
  • If you don't already have an affiliate program, what would it be worth to you to be able to start one with proven products, all the software (including accounting and order processing) that you'd need to build it fast?
  • How much could I make with resale rights to three of the top producing ebook packages on the market?
  • How much could I make selling the Windows software that's included in this package?
  • How much could I make by adding features to those programs and creating whole new products out of them?
  • How much would a 32% increase in sales for five minutes work be worth?
  • How much more productive and profitable would I be if all my staff were on the same page for each project?
  • What would it be worth to increase my upsells by 50%?
  • What would it be worth to have 1, 2, 3 or more powerful viral applications spreading my name to everyone in my market?
  • How much would it be worth to have access to the best research and conversions techniques of a man who's sold millions and millions of dollars worth of products online?
And that's just a small part of the package.

If the answers don't add up to at least $10,000 - ten times the price of the package - it's not for you.

If it does, click here to get yours while they last - which won't be long:


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