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How To Turn All Your Ads And Sales Letters Into Powerful Cash Generators -- GUARANTEED

... It's Foolproof When You Use The Inside Secrets Of The World's Foremost Direct Marketing Experts!

  If you'd like to put a lot more money in your pocket, we have great news for you. You can easily transform all your ads and sales letters into powerful cash generators.

  How? By using the inside secrets of the world's foremost direct marketing experts. Now you can put the most highly paid masters of direct marketing on your team and kick your sales and profits into high gear. We guarantee it.

The Ideal Way To Turn Your Business
Into A Powerful "Money Machine"

  What do you think is the best way to double or triple your profits? We've learned from many agonizing years of expensive trial and error that the fastest, easiest way is to...

Model someone who is already successful!

  But you can't model just anybody. Not if you want to be as profitable as possible. You have to model the absolute cream of the crop -- the top one percent of the most successful people in direct marketing.

  The problem is, how do you get even one of these experts to give up their most closely guarded trade secrets? How do you get them to spill everything they know and lay it all out on the table -- including their most profitable ads and sales letters... complete details of where the ads ran or what mailing lists were used... and fully documented results of the profits produced?

  The fact is, your chances are extremely slim!

  Unless you can afford a small fortune to hire one of these top guns, you simply won't be privy to the powerful inside secrets that can transform your business into a powerful "money machine" almost overnight.

Stop Risking All Your Time, Effort, And Money
-- Let The Experts Show You Dozens Of Proven Ways To Double Or Triple Your Profits In Record Time!

  Now there is an inexpensive way for you to "team up" with the most successful direct marketers in the world. A way to model their most carefully guarded trade secrets and pump up the selling power of all your ads and sales letters.

  Experts like Ted Nicholas, Dan Kennedy, Alan & Brad Antin, Bob Bly, Jeff Paul, Ray Jutkins, Brad Petersen, Karen Anderson, Stan Golomb, Dan Poynter, Dan Reynolds, T. Harv Eker, Brian Voiles, and Don Bice.

  Why risk your hard-earned money and tons of time and effort "reinventing the wheel" when you can profit from the proven techniques of the most successful people in direct marketing?

  We're proud to announce a powerful new resource from Bob Serling -- the world's leading expert on low-cost, high-profit marketing -- that's packed to overflowing with actual million-dollar campaigns and hot, proven strategies from more than a dozen of the foremost experts in the world. Bob personally grills each expert and has them break each campaign down to the finest detail so you can use their secrets to double and triple your own profits.

  You'll find it all in Direct Marketing Hotseat -- Actual Campaigns And Case Studies Of Million-Dollar Direct Marketing. This is a new, completely expanded, bound edition of Bob's now "retired" newsletter, Direct Marketing Hotseat.

Catapult Your Profits To A New Level With These Inside Secrets

  Direct Marketing Hotseat sold like crazy right from the word go. The only problem was, it was extremely difficult to coordinate the busy schedules of all the prominent Contributing Editors. What can you expect when you have the most in-demand marketing experts in the world lending their considerable talents to a project?

  So after fulfilling all ten issues he was committed to for the first year, Bob reluctantly "retired" Direct Marketing Hotseat. But he also decided to significantly expand it, adding a ton of breakthrough material that would make it even easier for you to double or triple your profits in short order.

  Bob's goal was to make this new, expanded version the ultimate resource on proven, million-dollar direct marketing strategies and techniques.

  Just how much did he add to the original materials? Five hot new issues. That's right, Bob expanded the materials by a full fifty percent!

  This comprehensive insider's guide to increasing your sales and profits is unlike any other marketing course you've ever seen. And it took so much work to create, I can guarantee you that nothing like it will ever come along again!

Your Direct Route To Maximum Sales And Profits

  As we've already mentioned, everything in this powerful resource has been proven in the marketplace. There is no textbook theory, no wishful thinking, and no fluff or filler. It's all hard-hitting, proven strategies and techniques that have sold countless millions of dollars worth of goods and services.

  Nearly all of the material is set up in case-study format, showing all the actual concepts, techniques, offers, ads, and sales letters that produced tremendous sales volume. More importantly, the actual mailing lists used, magazines and newspapers the ads were run in, and fully documented results are also given. So you know precisely what results you can expect when you model these campaigns in your business.

  This is truly the most detailed guided tour of successful direct marketing you could ever hope to get your hands on. Here's what's included in each chapter, and the powerful benefits it will give you:

Chapter 1: How To Use Dirt-Cheap Postcards To Send Your Sales Through The Roof

  In this chapter, marketing experts Karen Anderson, Stan Golomb, Jeff Paul, Ray Jutkins, Dan Poynter, and Brian Voiles show you precisely how to use postcards to conquer the high costs and low returns of conventional direct mail.

  This powerful chapter is packed with proven examples that show you how to generate more highly qualified leads... cash in by making repeat sales to existing customers and reactivate past customers... make direct sales at a fraction of the cost of traditional campaigns... increase store traffic to profit-breaking levels... and maintain top-notch customer contact that produces even more sales.

  This chapter includes seven actual postcards (and documentation of the precise results they produced) that you can model to pack major selling power into your own direct mail.

Chapter 2: A Guided Tour Of A Sales Letter That Sold So Many Pool Cues, They Actually Had To Stop Mailing It!

  This is one of our favorite chapters because it focuses on a sales letter that was so successful, the client couldn't produce enough product to fill all the orders. They literally had to stop mailing the letter!

  This sales letter was written by Brad Petersen, who is one of the finest and most effective direct marketing copywriters in the business.

  Brad takes you on a blow-by-blow account of how the sales letter was created. He pulls no punches, showing you explicitly what should be included in all sales letters -- and equally important, what should be avoided at all costs! This candid case study is packed with tips and techniques that will increase the sales and profits of any business.

Chapter 3: How A Powerful Secret Produced An 857% Return On Every Dollar Invested In Marketing

  This chapter presents a case study of a super-successful format Bob developed called the "Pat-On-The-Back Case Study." This format creates more trust with both old and new customers than any other strategy you could think of. And everyone knows that trust is a key component to exponentially increasing your sales.

  Written jointly by Bob Serling and his client, Derek D'Angiolini (who is a first-class copywriter in his own right), this letter demonstrates how to make huge increases in sales and profits without investing a penny more than you're already spending on marketing. After modifying Derek's existing sales letter to follow this new format, the results it produced were a lucrative $8.57 return on every dollar invested in marketing!

Chapter 4: The Fastest, Easiest Way To Add Big Profits To Your Direct Marketing

Would you like to have a foolproof way to make 70% of your customers spend more money every time they do business with you? How about getting 94% of all your customers to up the amount of every sale?

  This chapter reveals everything you'll ever need to know to realize these kinds of profits. Best of all, it takes almost no effort whatsoever, and it's one of the lowest cost techniques you'll ever have the pleasure of profiting from!

  This powerful money generator is called an up-sell. This chapter gives you all the details of how to work this remarkably simple and profitable technique. Plus, you get three actual examples of up-sells that produced the 70% to 94% increases we just told you about.

  Once you know what to do, there isn't any business that can't have a highly profitable upsell campaign running and bringing in extra profits in the blink of an eye!

Chapter 5: How To Virtually Eliminate Refunds And Returns

  Returned merchandise and refund requests can severely reduce your profits. Not only is there the direct cost of lost sales, but there's also the time and effort it takes to handle these wasteful transactions.

  The good news is there are proven ways to reduce your returns and refund requests to the bare minimum. Two of the best ways are presented in this chapter. You'll see precisely how other businesses have trimmed the flow of returns and refunds to a minor trickle, and how you can get similar results in your own business.

Chapter 6: How A Direct Marketing Master Creates And Tests Million Dollar Space Ads

  Ted Nicholas is widely regarded as the foremost authority on space advertising in the world. And rightfully so, since his space ads have produced over 200 million dollars in sales!

  In this chapter, Ted generously lays out the complete details of how he creates, tests, and modifies space ads to produce world class profits. Ted goes step-by-step through two completely different full-page ads for his book, "Magic Words That Bring You Riches."

  You'll get a superior education on how to make all your own space ads as profitable as possible. From writing powerful headlines... to media placement... to selecting a high-profit theme... to choosing and homing in on the most profitable benefits... to the best guarantee periods... to closing for maximum sales, Ted leaves no stone unturned.

  This chapter alone is a classic that's worth far more than the entire cost of this unique course!

Chapter 7: Increase Your Profits With A Simple Process To Educate Your Customers

  In this chapter, Alan and Brad Antin reveal a proven process they've used countless times to make their clients substantial profits. It's a very simple method of educating your customers they call "try-before-you-buy."

  By using this method, any business can give their prospects a tangible sample of exactly what they have to offer. And because your competition never does this, the technique works like crazy.

  To demonstrate precisely how this strategy works, Alan Antin guides you step-by-step through an actual letter he and Brad created for a very satisfied client. You'll be able to model this universal example to step your profits up to an entirely new level!

Chapter 8: How To Rewrite Your Copy For Maximum Profits

  Rewriting your copy is a crucial task. In fact, there is no world class copywriter I know of who doesn't invest substantial time in rewriting their copy... Because rewriting really pumps selling power into your advertising copy!

  Rewriting is remarkably simple once you understand the "recipe." In this chapter, you'll get all the details of Bob's 17-Step Maximum Profit Rewrite Recipe. Then Bob shows you how to apply these steps, using an actual sales letter that was written by one of his clients.

  You'll see the before and after versions of the letter, which will show you precisely why rewriting is so valuable -- because the minor changes Bob made produced a substantial increase in sales! Using this simple, 17-step recipe, you'll be able to build the same kind of increased sales into every ad and sales letter you write.

Chapter 9: How To Convert A Whopping 37% Of Your Prospects To Paying Customers With Cycle Mailings

  Most businesses leave over 50% of the potential money they could make sitting on the table. Why? Because they only mail one time to their prospects.

  Cycle mailings, which are a regularly-scheduled cycle of follow-up mailings to your prospects, are the answer to capturing all of those sales you've been letting slip through your fingers.

  This chapter gives you everything you need to set up your own cycle of high-profit mailings. It focuses on a cycle of letters that's used by one of Bob's clients, Judy Meininger.

  Judy will show you how she systematically converts 37% of all prospects to paying customers. Considering that the standard conversion rate for all businesses is about 10%, you stand to more than triple your profits by taking advantage of this simple, proven strategy!

Chapter 10: A Direct Marketing Classic That's Produced An 800% Return On Investment -- For Over 7 Years Running!

  Don Bice has a classic two-step direct marketing campaign that regularly produces over eight dollars for every dollar invested in marketing. But what's even more remarkable is that it's produced these profits like clockwork month after month for over seven years!

  For the first (and only) time, Don has agreed to share his secrets of success with readers of this course. Don's entire strategy and full campaign is carefully dissected to show you how to use these ideas to cash in to the fullest.

  Everything's here -- Don's space ad, his sales letter, his two brochures (and the reasoning behind having two different brochures in the same package), his lift letter, and his order coupon. Don breaks each piece down block by block, revealing his inside secrets you can use to create a perennial, high profit blockbuster of your own!

In Addition To This Multi-Million Dollar, Street-Smart Education
-- There's More Still!

  We think you'll agree that the multi-million dollar ideas we've just told you about are far and away the most comprehensive collection of proven, high-profit direct marketing strategies you'll ever find. But we're just getting started! You see, those chapters have been created only from the ten issues that made up the original subscription run. Bob has expanded the material and added five new chapters to kick your profits up even higher. Here are the powerful marketing weapons you'll gain from these additional chapters:

Chapter 11: How To Create Blockbuster Offers That Prospects Simply Can't Refuse

 Conventional direct marketing wisdom says that the first thing you should do is spend hours writing and rewriting a long list of headlines -- the longer, the better. By continually working and reworking these headlines, you'll supposedly come up with one that will far outperform all others.

  Sorry, but we think that's a load of manure, and Bob Serling thinks so too. Bob's strategy is to never write more than one or two headlines. And to never even begin to think about headlines until after he's crafted an offer that's so enticing, prospects would have to be complete fools to pass it up.

  You see, Bob's years of expensive trial and error have proven that...

The deal's the thing!

  The more enticing you can make it, the more value you can pour into it, the more benefits and components you can stack on top of each other in your deal, the more you're going to sell!

  Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. In these competitive times, customers demand more than what they're paying for. And if you can deliver that, you can write your own ticket to certain wealth.

  The most successful deal Bob ever created is the offer that sold the charter subscriptions to Direct Marketing Hotseat. The first day after the mailing dropped, his phones began ringing off the hooks.

  Bob's ordering service, with eight dedicated lines, couldn't come close to handling all the orders. With those lines tied up, people began calling his office to subscribe. In a matter of minutes, both his lines were bogged down as well.

  Even with ten different lines and ten different people trying to take the orders, he couldn't even come close to handling them all. Believe it, this is the kind of problem you love to have to solve!

  In this chapter, Bob shows you precisely how he created this blockbuster offer. You'll get his triple-threat strategy for building offers that are so compelling, people can't help digging into their wallets and sending you money.

  You'll see how your headline and all your body copy naturally flow out of your offer. In fact, once you've crafted the right offer, the rest of your copy nearly writes itself.

  Most importantly, you'll come away with a comprehensive understanding of how to create offers that sell like wildfire. This skill alone, which few people possess, is easily worth a small fortune.

Chapter 12: The Maximum Profit Headline Clinic

  Powerful headlines are absolutely crucial to maximizing your profits. Since you only have a few seconds to seize your reader's attention and convince them to keep reading your ad or sales letter, you'd better be able to stop them in their tracks.

  In this clinic, Dan Kennedy, Ted Nicholas, Bob Bly, Brad Petersen, T. Harv Eker, and Brian Voiles show you everything you need to create the kind of headlines that get optimum results.

  You'll discover what's crucial to include in every headline, what to absolutely avoid, and ethical ways to "swipe" headlines from other ads and sales letters. When you're done with this chapter, you'll be a master at creating headlines that sell much more of what you have to offer.

Chapter 13: 55 HOT Tips For Boosting The Pulling Power Of Your Direct Mail

  This chapter is jammed full of proven, inexpensive techniques covering every aspect of your mailing package. And Bob has made it super easy to use by organizing the techniques according to each specific area of your mailing piece.

  You'll have dozens of proven, high profit techniques at your fingertips -- ready to use to increase the success of all your mailings. Just plug them in and watch your sales shoot up the charts!

Chapter 14: The Ultimate Direct Mail Secret: How To Pull An 8%-22% Response On Every Mailing You Ever Send

  Tired of response rates of 2% or less on your direct marketing? A major reason response is so low is you're hitting the wrong prospects through the wrong lists or media.

  This chapter reveals four simple, inexpensive, deadly accurate ways to make sure your offer gets to your ideal prospects. And it gives you a remarkable new way of structuring your offer that vastly outperforms all other offers. Together, these strategies regularly produce responses of 8% to 22%, as opposed to the lukewarm industry standard 2%.

  These strategies more than quadrupled the profits of Bob's own business in short order. They can do the same for you too!

Chapter 15: The Jeff Paul Interview: Direct Marketing Success Secrets

  Jeff Paul is one of the most successful direct marketers in the country. I was absolutely floored by how Jeff lays it all on the line in this interview. He holds nothing back.

  Jeff's secrets for doubling or tripling the number of qualified leads you get and convert is well worth the entire cost of this course. And that's just the beginning. Jeff goes on to show you exactly what to do to sell more of your products more often. Then he reveals how to use his simple plan to easily produce a six- or seven-figure income year in and year out.

Here's How You Can Personally Cash In
By Teaming Up With The World's
Foremost Marketing Experts

  That's the course in a nutshell. There's actually a lot more than we have room to cover in this letter, but we're sure you get the picture.

  You can get on the fast track to serious profits by ordering your personal copy of Direct Marketing Hotseat -- Actual Campaigns And Case Studies Of Million-Dollar Direct Marketing. The cost of this unique course is just $127. (TEN Bucks less than you'll find it anywhere else!!) We think you'll agree this is a tremendous bargain.

  Here's why: For starters, this expanded, bound version contains all 10 of the original issues packed with all the breakthrough information we've just told you about. Then, there are the five additional chapters jammed full of even more proven strategies for increasing your sales and profits. That's well over 200 pages of hot, proven strategies and techniques -- all from the most sought-after direct marketing experts in the world.

  But here's the real test of true value. If this were just another collection of boring rules and conventional wisdom that doesn't work, it wouldn't matter what the price is. It wouldn't be worth it.

  Direct Marketing Hotseat -- Actual Campaigns And Case Studies Of Million-Dollar Direct Marketing is the only course that delivers the proven, inside secrets of the foremost marketing experts in the world -- secrets you can use to start cashing in on every ad and sales letter you ever create. And for just a fraction of the price of other misleading, ineffective information that just eats a hole in your bank account.

It Gets Better Still -- Your Success Is Completely
Backed By My "10 Times, Take-It-To-The-Bank" Guarantee

Now, in case you have any lingering doubts whatsoever, we want to make it foolproof for you. You see, we completely guarantee your success. Here's my 10 Times, Take-It-To-The-Bank guarantee:

We personally guarantee that if you use just a few of these simple, proven techniques, you'll produce at least 10 times as much profit as you invested in this powerful course within the next 12 months. That's right...

10 times extra profits you never would have
seen without this course.

If you don't make at least 10 times your investment in extra profits, we'll refund every cent you paid. And this guarantee is in full force up to the final minute of the final hour of the twelfth month.

What could be more fair? You can "test drive" every breakthrough strategy and technique for 12 full months. You'll be able to conclusively determine whether they are super-profitable for you.

If you don't experience a tremendous increase in your profits, I want you to ask for, and get, your money back!

The truth is, you'll never have to worry about a refund. Because once you use these ingenious, proven techniques and see the huge jump in your profits, we're betting someone would have to wrestle you to the ground to get you to let go of this course!

  If you're really serious about cashing in on the huge profits available in direct marketing, you can't wait. You need to take immediate action. Click below to order:

  If you want to really turn all your ads and sales into powerful cash generators... if you want to stop gambling on risky techniques and get guaranteed profits... if you want to take control of how much more profitable and pleasurable your business can be, you couldn't ask for a better opportunity.

  Don't wait. Order your copy of Direct Marketing Hotseat -- Actual Campaigns And Case Studies Of Million-Dollar Direct Marketing right now. That way you can get on a fast track to doubling and tripling your sales and profits!


Your Friends at,

    P.S. By acting right now, you can test drive these powerful strategies and tactics for 12 full months. Once you see the increased sales start rolling in, there's no turning back. You'll be hooked on the huge profits that can truly be made with direct marketing!

    Don't wait. Place your order right now and make all of your marketing much more profitable.

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